User Reviews For: The Sadistic Boy Band and Their Sexual Plaything -Onstage He's One Thing, but Backstage She's Another-


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SereneWolfsbane Rating
The description is complete garbage, but the sneak peek tells you exactly what the book is about. The story itself is pretty good. It's all still full of cheese, but there's a touch more character development in this one that doesn't exist in other stories I've read and the desired scenes are done pretty well. I wish certain sorry arches had been drawn out and carried over to the other book perhaps, but then there's your cheese again. All in all, I enjoyed it and hope to get another issue very soon. This is a story I will be following.
Lin010203 Rating
Let's see: it's a boy that became a girl! If you can get over that... then you'll like it. The beingings so messed up but then the drama starts in the middle and end! Thank the gods, the main character has at least some thoughts and isn't just like "f** me" well most of the time... it usually goes to smut! Waiting for the drama, bring chapter two!
GG2020 Rating
Description is misleading. MC is actually a boy who grew boobs suddenly and became female, not a girl pretending to be a guy. MtF gender swapping isn't really my thing, so didn't continue reading.
lulukat Rating
Such a unique story line and so beautifully drawn. I can't wait for the next installment!
eboy Rating
oop someones jealous
andiekae Rating
The art is great and the characters are pretty well-written too! But the premise is kinda lackluster and everything feels a bit rushed or forced to me. Was not worth my 400 points imo.
eboorenta0orioqp3u Rating
This is the best smut l've seen in my life and just make me lose though
Mirandag19 Rating
I love the storyline I could totally see this happening in real life. An I think Aki and Toma are made for each other.
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