User Reviews For: Pure-Hearted Hustler, First-Love Style


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idgal Rating
Owal's 1st book. I love her art and hot sex scenes. Featuring BFF with a secret crush. The great thing about Owal works are they are positive and fun in the long run. I wish she made stories for the other coworkers
y0zora Rating
All the stories were cute and hot. My favorite stories were the Snow White one and the fireman one because of the funny dialogue and the relationship between the two characters. The artwork is lovely to look at and I took my time to read the pages to admire the details and the expressions on the characters' faces.
Nashi4eva Rating
This was so cute. I loved all the stories ?
HorseObsessed Rating
I like this story alot. You should check it out.
Grace Rating
Wow, the title is definitely perfect for this story! It's a page turner! Characters were all adorable.
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