User Reviews For: Stop Teasing and Hold Me Gently. [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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idgal Rating
This manga features my favorite type of male characters, shy and blushing bottoms and slightly bullying/teasing tops. I enjoy the seme teasing the uke and the teary faces of the uke is so moe! 2 sets of couples are featured with their sets of chapters and afterwords. Need more of this type of cute stories with sexy art.
toobigottabuy Rating
Super not into the repeated use of food here. Like, even in the realm of bl isn't great at body safe practices, this is pretty terrible right into the realm of icky. Add in weak story and only so-so art and it's a hot mess of nope.
eesyyyy Rating
Honest review. Despite the whooping 180pages, it felt kind of short to me. It didn't feel like it has any character development, nor does it have any actual plot. It doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing since that's just means that this manga is a classic yaoi. Its a good thing if you just want something very light to pass the time.The art features sometimes overused scenes in many yaoi, but tolerable.Onto the "story" itself. I find that it gets a lot better the more you read. The second pairing is definitely more enjoyable and an improvement imo. The first couple features a common seme x uke but even if its the "classic" you dont find these so often anymore! Gave me some good chuckles.Despite the negative I mentioned, I did find this manga quite charming. It reminds me when I first stumbled into yaoi and what kind of happiness it gave me in the past. I could feel the mangaka's passion making it, thus why, despite the lacking in story etc, I will give it a 4.5 :) !
Tumikun Rating
This was an interesting take of the common seme vs uke. I have not seen such unique pairings before. This was enjoyable to read. Highly recommend.
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