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Aelamasca Rating
This is actually a nice story, I really like the character development and although it does seem a little cheesey, but it's good quality cheese.Definaltly a book to add to your read again collection.
Weeb4Life Rating
An excellent story with great character development and an interesting plot. As well as trying to find out who's after the two leads' lives, there's a subplot regarding researching what happened to Juliette's brother, who's the reason she's in England in the first place despite the hostility and racism she faces. Drury was tortured by the French during the war and is now cold and embittered, but he still believes in doing what's right and never hesitates to apologise when he's at fault; his rare smiles feel all the more genuine and heartfelt. Juliette is, as Drury puts it, "brave, lively, stubborn, feisty", I like how proactive she is (pretending to be engaged is her idea), she's a real go-getter. What I love most about their romance is how the little things they do for each other, without much thought or effort, mean so much to the other, it shows just how naturally they make each other happy. Love isn't just about grand gestures after all, sometimes the smallest acts mean the most.
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