User Reviews For: Princess Top [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Katy Rating
Cute. Cute. Cute!
Yaohboy Rating
I thought the small top with the Big bottom was cute! My only issue with a story, this is truly just a personal preference, is that I don't like when they compare being a bottom to being a woman or make it seem like a man can't be a man and be a bottom. The story just had those kinds of vibes and jabs so I ended up renting it but will not buy
grassymud Rating
Love having a femboy top. And this top is such a sadistic sweetheart! One star deducted because the censorship really detracts in this one.
SilverDragon1211 Rating
Lots of fun to read! Worth checking it out
Koko Rating
This was not what I was expecting but it was really good. I didn't believe that the cinnamon roll was a rope but I was wrong lol
YaoiMisaki3 Rating
Super cute and funny but also very spicy. Highly recommended if you like BL with just enough plot to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside
SanitySenpai Rating
Definitely enjoyed reading it. It was different and I loved it. This is a kind of yaoi story I have been looking for. I wish to read more like it ?
ebookrenta0jgu70jso Rating
I liked the story but at the end it really left it open. 25% of it was a different story I wasn't interested in. But it was pretty good.
sugarcoatedsin Rating
Small unassuming tops and big manly bottoms is one of my favorite tropes! It starts out smutty but feelings and bonds are slowly developed as time goes on. It's spicy but with just enough sweetness to make it work.
hempress Rating
I love love love yaoi with a super cute, smaller aggressive top and big and manly yet charmingly naive straight guy bottom and this definitely delivers! worth the price imho, and the secondary story is pretty cute (but a much more shallow story).also that little after story bit was hottt!
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