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Renee Rating
A really great story from the beginning to the end. The heroine is indeed a character that you would hardly come across in any harlequin storyline, witty, smart, dorky and quirky. If you are curious to find out what will happen to marlene and the handsome male protagonist, read it and find out yourself. Will there be a happy ending, or a ending that is disappointing?
Weeb4Life Rating
One of the best female leads, Marlene is intelligent, confident, clever and courageous! She's treated harshly and belittle throughout most of the story, by most of the characters, but she uses them underestimating her to her advantage to get her way. She's patient and cunning, letting her enemies be fooled into believing she's an idiot, so that she can work hard behind their backs to expose their evil plans (lol what a badass). By comparison, the male lead, Rocco, is quite the spineless tool. He's constantly letting his father, Paolo's wife and her daughter walk all over him, he knows what they're doing is wrong but never tries to stop them or speak out against them, and is generally useless throughout. Tbh I'm probably being too harsh on him, but a weak male lead looks even weaker beside a strong female lead. I guess if I had any complaints it'd be that Marlene is so amazing that she eclipses everyone else. But since I'm so used to and sick of the opposite, I'll take it! Great read!
JenFaust81 Rating
I liked this. :) Definitely would recommend it!
Manga105105 Rating
I liked it. The female heroine in it is actually very witty and smart throughout the story.
Guest Rating
There's a reason why everyone is giving this story 5 stars. It's a really refreshing story with an amazing female lead. I wish it was longer just so we can have more details of how amazing she is. This story is worth every penny.
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