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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Not bad. The guy is the typical fool in harlequin fashion, he's never known love so he doesn't believe in it, yadda yadda yadda. The h is likable and is strong. She did try to tell him, but he avoided her like the plague. I liked that both were never with other people in their time apart, don't know why, but that's a peeve of mine. Either both are celibate or they both get to date, nothing one sided. Didn't get too much interaction with the baby, just a little here and there, but it seems like he'll be a hands on daddy. She had faith in him and was pretty patient. This had a pretty good HEA. But I still didn't feel a connection between them, which is weird, bc they both interacted in a romantic way. It just didn't feel real. But it's cute and easy to follow. Art is pretty, not spectacular. Give it a try.
Weeb4Life Rating
I loved it, it was really sweet and heart-warming. The plot may be clich辿 and predictable but the abundant charm and well done humour more than make up for that. The h, Carrie, is loving, kind and patient, but with an adorable childish side that the H, Th辿o, keeps bringing out with his cheekiness and teasing. She sees the good in people (which Th辿o considers her loveliest quality) and refuses to give up on love (even after hearing his clich辿 sob story). She never backs down and resolutely stands up for what she believes is right, which is why she tried so hard to tell Th辿o about her pregnancy and why she wanted him to meet his son, despite how badly and callously he treated her. Th辿o is selfish and proud, but he's so straightforward and honest (he's surprisingly a bad liar) about what he wants that it's hard to hate him. I just want to bonk his head and say "you're being stupid, stop being stupid"! I also like that it took trust, not just love, for Carrie to agree to marry Th辿o. Lovely
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