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curlsfantasy Rating
Super cute series! Smut isn't the main focus, but if you're looking for a good plot, decent art, and adorable characters you will fall in love with, this is a series for you. 2nd chapter is a spinoff of Mimori helping a freshman named Kana, to come to terms with her "curse" self. I also recommend buying this chapter as well to see more character development on Mimori.
Nyanko Rating
Two stories set in the same universe, one in each volume, so you don't need to read them both or in any order to enjoy. The first story is about FWB relationship that turns to love, taking place in the cultural anthropology department at university. The second takes place in the same setting, but with different characters as the focus. The stories have overlapping characters, and similar overall theme that fate/luck is what you do and how you see things. There's nothing new in the character relationships, and the art is about average, but the theme is played out nicely.
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