User Reviews For: My Quilt and My Coffee Table -I Can't Believe They Saw the First Time I Played with Myself...-


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MenaOk Rating
This is quite an interesting plot (one of the weirdest plots on Renta but I like that it's different)! It really reminds me of a supernatural shoujo manga but with some sexy time in it. Art is great and I like the humor too. I would definitely check out the rest of this series.
whineghost Rating
This premise is absolutely insane which means it's the best comic on this site. No where else will you get all the quilt and coffee table action you never knew you craved. The romance is pretty cute, the art is nice and the erotica is fun but face it, we're all just here to link this to our friends to make them scream "THAT'S A THING??"
kharis25 Rating
This is very very great This manga is contain good story and good smut. You will get both emotion of story and emotion of smut thing. All I can tell you is this one for S worth your money
Secretxxloves Rating
The ending made me so happy!! This had to be the weirdest premise I've seen. I thought it was going to be ridiculous but instead it was super sweet. Lots of good scenes and some fluff as well. I wish there were more scenes with both of them at the same time.
nikkininja Rating
oh my gosh I love this! 5/5 I would love to see more of this one :)
aeonion Rating
It's a sweet story
Sighz Rating
It delivers on the title. It's an erotic fun tale. Worth the read
hvpnguyen87 Rating
I just started reading this and honestly the concept weirded me out but it's so interesting!! I find myself chuckling and enjoying the humor and the art and the story
DemonicKitten Rating
By far my favorite thing I've read on Renta! The premise is ridiculous, the story is cute, the smut is decent, and I could not stop laughing the whole way through. My only regret is that I can't have a physical copy to force upon my friends and loved ones.
LuckyLove Rating
Oh my god, the end is absolutely perfect. I loved the characters. It is a really unique story hahah. Deserve the five stars, it's funny, has a beautiful art and good smut.