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katextravaganza Rating
The lighthearted realism is a good setup for a cop romance. Its got a simple but believable backstory, and really sweet chemistry between the two. Sweet and funny!
chanjohnson Rating
Very cute, loved the switch of typical young goofy guy to a young serious guy while the older guy is the goofy light hearted character
nicawlette Rating
One of the best comics I've read, hands down. It was SO funny and the relationship between the main characters was so well written and portrayed really casually and healthy. This comic did a great job of not falling into really unsavory/unfortunate "yaoi" tropes that often showcase one character forcing themselves onto the other in a sexual situation. Instead the couple communicated and talked things out and respected each other. It was incredibly satisfying and refreshing to read!
Kaybeth Rating
This is such a sweet manga and it's refreshing to see that both men have worries and struggles, and are both so adorably nervous around each other!
isalicegermain4454 Rating
Only one word : awesome! The story, the characters (so in love with both of them ^^), the hot scene ... One of the best yaoi I ever read. Totally recommended to anyone who wants to laugh, get emotional and of course get horny !
moonlight Rating
Another beautiful story by the author, although this one is less focused on the reticence involved in getting together and more on getting an enduring love to finally move towards fruition than An Innocent Puppy and a Two-Faced Cat. In Puppy+Cat, what drew me in was the will-they-won't-they of them admitting their feelings. In this one they readily agree to get together pretty early on, the draw is seeing how they move forward together. As always the characters are beautifully drawn, everyone is so expressive, even the side characters look like they could be main characters. Will start the sequel soon!
jellybeans Rating
I want to see all of sensei's work on here one day so i can buy an e copy too
stepsmile Rating
One of Niyama's masterpieces! It's one of my favourite reads.
valiantmuffin Rating
Niyama-sensei has quickly turned into one of my favorite mangaka. Their stories have a wonderful sense of humor to them that's well-balanced with drama. Seiji himself is a wonderful blend of mature, yet silly. I honestly laugh every time he speaks. I love Niyama-sensei's style a lot, it's well drawn and everyone's so attractive. The characters expressions in each panel are so endearing as well. I can't stop rereading it!
Rosasusannah Rating
What are these cops doing intercepting weapons with their noggins? I'm pretty sure that's not what they teach at the police academy! Other than that, this manga is great! Adorable yet sexy characters, cute story and appealing art style. I love that there were no cliche misunderstandings here. This couple is very straightforward with each other. It's refreshing and lovely.
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