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Ren4Liz28 Rating
So adorable!! I totally ship these two. Following their relationship through both series was so fun. It is sappy, funny, romantic and a little bit of drama. It is definitely a must read and worth the money.
trimmau Rating
This series was honestly fantastic! I haven't read the previous series it's a spinoff from, so don't worry about needing to read that to understand this!The art is great, the story is excellent, and there's none of the weird coerciveness you see so often in BL manga. Plus I'm a big fan of the characters being over 30. :3c
kimu Rating
The art style is simply amazing. Clean and beautiful. The story is simple and sweet. I love that it's pretty straightforward: the characters are communicating and are honest with each other. It's so refreshing to read stories like this. I'm so excited to read more!
fandomnightmare Rating
Aww, this was lovely! Niyama's art was amazing as usual, and the characters were both likeable and fun. I was rooting for their happiness from the first moment. If you want to read something that will leave you feeling good when you're done, I totally recommend this one. Also, Seiji's cat is the MVP!
ryantyler2294 Rating
I've been wanting to read this one for so long and it's delivering better than I could imagine. It's cute and funny and the art is amazing!
katextravaganza Rating
The lighthearted realism is a good setup for a cop romance. Its got a simple but believable backstory, and really sweet chemistry between the two. Sweet and funny!
chanjohnson Rating
Very cute, loved the switch of typical young goofy guy to a young serious guy while the older guy is the goofy light hearted character
nicawlette Rating
One of the best comics I've read, hands down. It was SO funny and the relationship between the main characters was so well written and portrayed really casually and healthy. This comic did a great job of not falling into really unsavory/unfortunate "yaoi" tropes that often showcase one character forcing themselves onto the other in a sexual situation. Instead the couple communicated and talked things out and respected each other. It was incredibly satisfying and refreshing to read!
Kaybeth Rating
This is such a sweet manga and it's refreshing to see that both men have worries and struggles, and are both so adorably nervous around each other!
isalicegermain4454 Rating
Only one word : awesome! The story, the characters (so in love with both of them ^^), the hot scene ... One of the best yaoi I ever read. Totally recommended to anyone who wants to laugh, get emotional and of course get horny !
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