User Reviews For: A Yaoi Fangirl Falls in Love with a Real-World Boy


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noahazuma Rating
If this series is truly completed...that's very disappointing as it doesn't really go anywhere! It only gets two because its coloured and the artwork is nice but its a rip off since its feels so incomplete...
princessofsweet Rating
The title is unfortunately incomplete- and doesn't go anywhere at all. The main character learns to accept her love of otaku culture through the presence of (effectively) an ikemen stranger. She joins the comic book club (in spite of her friends' judgements), and it ends. Nothing happens between her and the male leads. At all.
tm2yk Rating
The drawing and color is good. The development feel pretty slow and cliffhanger. Well the story not bad. I love the hero has refresh personality. Overall its not worth 400 points/chapter when there are other cheaper & better than it.
Roxnn2000 Rating
The story is sweet, but it's incomplete. There isn't a satisfactory ending in these two chapters.
NextPaige Rating
I think the art and character development are quite good. I wish the series extended beyond two books. I think I would enjoy it.
nikkibran Rating
This was a good start but is in no way finished. Did they write a sequel?
Pugsrule Rating
This story is adorable. I hope it is not truly
andiekae Rating
A pure and sweet little story that reminds us to be passionate about our interests! I didn't really get as much of the romantic vibes of her actually falling in love with him but still cute!!
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