User Reviews For: Imprisoned and Bound in a Honey Flower


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Guest Rating
Absolutely wonderful. Despite the cheesy title, I would highly recommend this, especially if you love demons, incubi in particular. The male lead is not a jerk, genuinely caring for the nightmares that plague the female lead, and the female lead has brains and is not a pushover. They of course have excellent chemistry with sweet ahem scenes. There is also a bit of mystery mixed in that I look forward to reading further about in later updates.
Nyanko Rating
The artwork is gorgeous, but I just couldn't get into the story. The protagonist is practically sleep walking through the story, with no real affect or emotion. The story is not particularly interesting and drags on excruciatingly while the protagonist berates herself (in her bland, bored way). And the dialog is just ridiculous, both in content and quality. Just no. This is about as spicy as white rice, and even less satisfying.
Slewis1991 Rating
I love incubus stories, and this one is definitely my favorite. I really hope the creator continues this story, because it has so much more potential and depth than many other stories. I love it!
Kendra12 Rating
Really good so far. I'm looking forward to reading more. This is the first incubus story that I've seen. I really hope it's good so it can inspire some work of my own
bluepall Rating
al principio pens辿 que iba a ser interesante pero dio un giro muy raro
Risuna Rating
I really super love this story. I love the interpretation of incubui within this manga & I love how there's so much story revolving around the characters. There is a small dark part within the story regarding Tsubaki's nightmares but my heart absolutely melted seeing Noah heal her wounds from that memory. Also, I don't think the title is cheesy at all & fits the story rather well.
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