User Reviews For: The Forged Night with a Sadistic Serviceman -Cry with Your Lovely Voice-


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merki00 Rating
I like it! The illustrations are very nice. As for the romance, even though it starts rough and ackward, i do like the chemistry developed between the main characters.
blackcoffee Rating
What a goooood story.. can't wait for next chapter
Vampiro83 Rating
I cant wait for the updates...
ebookrenta0it5tmodn Rating
Love the strong independent women but also I love the guy too.. love this manga.
Christyguerra Rating
The heroine is really cute and relatable, and the storyline is fun! Quality rated R entertainment right there.
yumyumRamen Rating
It's good but I don't really like the fact that she fell in love so fast...but overall it's still pretty good, you have a strong MC and a quite and emotionless Man which makes an interesting combo.
Kaisha Rating
This is a cute love story with benefits. A simple hentai can't turn me on but this is so heartwarming. Yoshimi is not a sadist and Ciaka is a strong self confident women and not a masochistic. So don't believe the title. I liked all the characters. The sex wasn't just to be there but was in a logic place in the story. I highly recommend it. I couldn't stop reading it.
tep1one Rating
Can't wait for next chapter. I love the story and is very sexy.
misaki Rating
It gets better with every chapter. Highly recommend!
msiu97 Rating
I love how strong she is! It's worth it
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