User Reviews For: The Forged Night with a Sadistic Serviceman -Cry with Your Lovely Voice-


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msiu97 Rating
I love how strong she is! It's worth it
cfang Rating
Great artwork and sexy scenes. If you like book one-- the rest are pretty much on the same level.
Raody Rating
The art is sooo awesome, but I just finished volume four and it feels like the plot has already finished. Should I buy the other books just for Yoshimi's attractive ... face? I don't regret anything.
Virgo24 Rating
I love this maga. The graphics are on point I love the detail and very much in love with the story line. I am dieing to know what happens next please come out with the 3rd seasons soon.
RachelTulip1 Rating
I did not expect it to be such a fun read. Highly recommended!
merki00 Rating
I like it! The illustrations are very nice. As for the romance, even though it starts rough and ackward, i do like the chemistry developed between the main characters.
blackcoffee Rating
What a goooood story.. can't wait for next chapter
Vampiro83 Rating
I cant wait for the updates...
ebookrenta0it5tmodn Rating
Love the strong independent women but also I love the guy too.. love this manga.
Christyguerra Rating
The heroine is really cute and relatable, and the storyline is fun! Quality rated R entertainment right there.
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