User Reviews For: The Forged Night with a Sadistic Serviceman -Cry with Your Lovely Voice-


4.7 out of 5

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cfang Rating
Great artwork and sexy scenes. If you like book one-- the rest are pretty much on the same level.
Raody Rating
The art is sooo awesome, but I just finished volume four and it feels like the plot has already finished. Should I buy the other books just for Yoshimi's attractive ... face? I don't regret anything.
Tanya Rating
It is a great story. The MMC is hot. I like the MFC
Araneae Rating
This is my jam.
Virgo24 Rating
I love this maga. The graphics are on point I love the detail and very much in love with the story line. I am dieing to know what happens next please come out with the 3rd seasons soon.
irene Rating
Best ever.... great storyline and top of list. Good going author?... but updates takes more month and the waiting is very poor self??
Lily21 Rating
A must Read
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