User Reviews For: The Rough and Deep Second First Love


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Nyanko Rating
This one is emotionally hollow and far too slow. While the art and story are both great, the execution just doesn't hold up. The story is essentially one of two lonely people reconciling their feelings of guilt and sorrow over the death of a loved one, and would be truly beautiful if less time were spent showing sex and more on actual characterization. Three volumes is ample time to do this, but instead we wander with the protagonist in a fugue state through depersonalization, with a few flashbacks to give sparse explanation for some really deep emotions. Even the sex is just bodies in motion, dissociative instead of grounding. It's just ruminating interspersed with some "I shouldn't" sex, until the Deus ex machina ties the whole thing up and years of trauma are in the background and everyone moves on. Even in a romance, this is ridiculously trite. All this could've been done in one volume, which makes this a complete waste of money. Gorgeous waste of money.
Simsimkiki Rating
Good story, a bit confusing but not hard to follow, just not as spoon fed to you as typical mangas are.
ebookrenta0it5tmodn Rating
This was sad and cute story I loved it!
MitsukiMoon Rating
A sweet story of love with standing time.
Jedirenagade Rating
Wow. A story of coming through tragedy. I highly recommend this story!
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