User Reviews For: The Lion Man and the Geek Girl -My First Time Was with an Animal-


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FoxyFlare Rating
Oh, this is gona be Good! Love the art, and the lion is so freaking cute!
opippy77 Rating
weird. that's just weird. i can't get past the bestiality of it all. kinda gross. then, he's stupid until he's suddenly sensitive...? basically, if you are not looking for anything you really need to use your brain on, then this is the story for you. i found the smut w/the "rabbit" better than with the "lion", anyway...
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
It was cute but then chapter 4+ annoyed me by the addition of that character. Not going to spoil, but I
kyio Rating
This is a really cute manga! The art is really nice. I can't wait to read more. Currently I'm team Rabbie x Yuri.
Aimiya Rating
Almost all of the story's conflicts get dropped in a matter of pages. Molesting professor? Gets yelled at by Leo, then is never seen again. Her debilitating fear of humans? Completely overcome in one page after talking to one person. Animal rival appears?? Interferes for a bit, makes a move, and then turns back into an animal. It felt like the story was either rushed or considered filler by the author, even though most of the main story was just Leo trying to sleep with Yuri. I wish there had instead been more development on their relationship or their problems. In fact, I would've dropped the whole two pages of professor "plot" for more Rabbie hi-jinks. But, the art is well drawn, and I liked Leo's character a lot. As long as you treat the main story as the only story and treat all the side stories as "something that happens" and not character or story development, it's fine. Sometimes, you just want a cute love story between a girl and her lion-man.
Sunny Rating
A very cute story!! I'm just sad that the bunny got included so quickly and then forgotten about just as quickly, I was hoping for more...but still a very cute story and better than I expected!
Saila Rating
Interesting read. Don't see why the rabbit had to be involved the way he did. Seriously, the love rival bit was over and done with WAY too quickly to have any real impact for the story and for myself as a reader. I'm glad Leo actually learned what it meant to "please" Yuri. His misunderstanding and the hijinks that ensued from that were entertaining enough. I just wish I could've seen more of Leo's character development to truly feel happy for him at the end.
oneechan Rating
My heart went doki doki for this. It's really good. The characters are enjoyable and perfect
nikkininja Rating
I love it! Can't wait for more of this one
Stacys Rating
It is very interesting. I like it a lot. You need to love animals.