User Reviews For: Lick, Melt, and Stir Me Around -The Hot Patissiers' Indecent Pastry-Making Class-


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vpump Rating
She's going to get such a yeast infection :/
lightmelody23 Rating
This wasn't worth the ticket spent on it. The ending was terrible. The set up was interesting, however it all just ended up being a rape manga with no plot whatsoever. There was no explanation as to how or why the twins specifically chose her to torment. Conclusion: story is unsatisfactory, and you could probably find some hentai manga similar to this for free.
Tiffany Rating
Wasn't that good of a storyline the ending was terrible
PassionDevourer Rating
It's an interesting idea. I'll give it that. But the execution isn't very satisfying. Perhaps if the manga was longer, there'd be a better development, but as of now it's rushed at best. Key details of the story aren't explained properly and for a manga that rapes its heroine, that's especially not a good thing. Not necessarily the worst I've read... but it definitely could be better.
lalaland Rating
Slewis1991 Rating
Very kinky. I've read a lot on Renta, but this is the first story to make me actually blush. Thumbs up.
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