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The story is hilarious! The main characters are so lively, and the male MC is definitely a fresher kind in comparison to the cliched alpha males in typical mangas that are directed to females. It's always a surprise and very interesting to read.
The art could be smoother and the story could have been ranged a little better. It was a rather cliche but still overall sweet.
The story is very cute and the characters are so wholesome even though their actions are not. Lol. Only problem is how the story is formatted. I would get the regular manga formats but there's no permanent option and the cost is too great for a few pages.
The story is inconsistent and the translation is iffy. The art is pretty good, not quite great. I liked the premise of the story, however the story was so rushed I couldn't really get into it. For the price of it I was hoping for something more.
A little spoiler alert.The art is ok, but not great. The story is insane. So much happens in the span of 3 days! ONLY 3 DAYS! Most of the drama was due to the misunderstanding that they were siblings..... but no, they're actually second cousins so o well. Imo its still not ok cause holy damn they are so closely related. Only reason this doesn't get a one star is because the the smut was pretty good.
Minor spoilers in this review. The story was lacking... I had high hopes cause from the preview the girl was going to propose to the guy rather than the other way around. But as I continued reading the characters had terrible personalities. A person who wanted to help homeless people was made to look like the worst person ever. The reasons as to why he was a
The art was too awkward and couldn't make up for the lack of story. The scandalous scenes were extremely scandalous, borderline abusive. If you like bdsm you'll probably enjoy this but it was too much abuse for me and it didn't make sense why would anyone be ok with it and be with the abuser. Kinda really regret spending tickets on this since you could probably find some H manga with the same themes and quality of drawing. The guys weren't bishounens either... :/
I absolutely love the characters! It reminds me of the Artist and the Gangster. The storyline is different, but what makes them similar are the unique main characters. They're different from the typical shy, naive female MC. I adore the main characters! This manga is great and I really wanna read more soon! Great art, great characters, and great story!
This wasn't worth the ticket spent on it. The ending was terrible. The set up was interesting, however it all just ended up being a rape manga with no plot whatsoever. There was no explanation as to how or why the twins specifically chose her to torment. Conclusion: story is unsatisfactory, and you could probably find some hentai manga similar to this for free.
I love Tokiko! She's the best character in the story. Empowered women for the win! She's a really interesting character, and I wish there were more chapters about her.
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