User Reviews For: This Fish Plays with the School [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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rabesXO Rating
This Fish is a great read. Natsumi and Mei are both imperfect human beings with their own skewed views but with a confidence that comes from being comfortable with who they are. The story could have delved deeper into Mei's past but I think that a deep-and-meaningful would have been uncharacteristic for him and would have made the story gloomy and dark. The artistic style is just wonderful and the colour pages are stunning. I'm very much looking forward to reading more of Haruno Narita's works.
Cadavor2 Rating
I really like femme top plots, however, this one pretty much has all the issues these stories usually tend to have (i.e. rapey with anti- trans overtones).I think if you are fine with those things and like a more down to earth/ casual plot with a bit of edginess you might enjoy this. The characters and set up are also, at least, interesting and a bit different. For me however, it was not worth the price and I ended up deleting it after I finished it.
Daekin Rating
I really enjoyed this story. I'm a suckered for troubled characters with skewed perceptions figuring out there's more to life, and this story, while fun and interesting, also has some real depth to it. And the art's really nice, too! Would have loved to learn more about Mei's past and Natsumi's life in general, but it isn't really needed. I could even go for more about their future!
rmb2020 Rating
This is one of the most memorable yaoi plots I've encountered--simultaneously fun and complex! I can reread it every few months and still find the characters and art enjoyable.
smokygrey Rating
Funny with likable characters. The bonus story was cute too!
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