User Reviews For: The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress Needed: The World's Most Eligible Billionaires II


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Salz89 Rating
Loved it have a lot of information about the cities
Weeb4Life Rating
Not my fav of the series but it's still very enjoyable. Most of it was fairly predictable, but it did have a few really good twists. I'm a bit puzzled by the mishmash of confusing themes: there's your clich辿 gender stereotypes, "Italian men" this "women" that, makeovers to bring out a woman's inner beauty (including Charley viewing sex as making her a "true" woman), it's especially bad in the first part of the story. But later on there's also more modern themes, such as mental illness being in your genes (good excuse for his family curse) and using IVF to counter that. There are plenty of great ideas and messages, like how even in turmoil you can still find beauty, and when it comes to true love, blood ties and genes mean nothing. Overall I'd say the good outweighs the bad and, while I wasn't at all feeling the first part, the latter part was very touching and makes up for the previous eye-rolls.
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