User Reviews For: The Demon's Bride -Marked as His Prey by the Seal on Her Body-


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theakaneko Rating
A super cute demon/human love story. Wish it was longer, but glad for the happy ending.
Kayrin91 Rating
The ending was happy, but it felt rushed. Now I get why the last chapter cost less than the first few chapters. Nice art, but the story could have been better.
Mangalover3243 Rating
Not worth the points. Story was rushed, not fleshed out, no real background on the characters and their back story. Art was good but h was weak, H was okay. Nothing seemed to connect...get something better for the points value.
KylaJ Rating
Definitely worth the read ...but it felt like it had so much potential to keep going I just wish there were more chapters
Nanakko Rating
I always love demons story <3 and these one has all i love in it :D and the full color is really a nice touch!
PotatoFish Rating
Like one of the reviews before, the story was rushed. I could not get with the plot.
Cloclo Rating
From the title to all the details in drawings, this manga will have you wanting to read the next chapters!
smh1611 Rating
Super cute love story, though I wish it was longer I'm glad it was a happy ending
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