User Reviews For: Is My "You-Know-What" Weird?


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Yahiko03 Rating
I love it!!! Wish there was more though
handmadedokis Rating
Wow I couldn't even read past 7 pages. This was utterly disgusting not sexy at all. To even think a doctor could do that made me so uncomfortable.
Malaika Rating
Good Lawwwd! I need to some holy water. Such a great read, I enjoyed it.
kyototen Rating
Fun story, good artwork and original.
newlily Rating
In the beginning I don't really understand the male protagonist. Otherwise i come to love both the characters and the story. It is more deep and cute than we can think atthe beggining. I think that it is worth the reading.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Honestly! I really love Megs work i do support every manga she had.. I never knew erenta have it. This mangaka Art is really splendid and amazing as ever! This one deserved a 5star since the story pace is really great no! Plus, im a sucker of a childhood lovestory!!! This manga is a win win.. All and all is great and well managed! Thanks
Jinhwa Rating
Love the art style but it's a shame the chapter feels so short!
mandyangelzbless Rating
A sweet and cliche love story. Good to read for a sweet romance story between childhood sweetheart. Always a good one to reread if you're into romance mangas!
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