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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I liked the art, kinda unusual, but still nice to look at. I had my reservations about Nick's integrity. He went from woman to different woman, and had spent one passionate night with Tess after spending four years working together as nothing more than business partners. I honestly thought that he was saying all those sweet things to get her to come around, but underneath his initial intention, the truth seemed to be seeping out. It took a while for me to believe his love for her was real, but I was won over. He seemed to genuinely care and love her, she was the only woman he thought of to marry in the first place. That pretty much screams his true intentions. Liked that the child was always at the forefront as well, usually with romance stories the children can be swept under the rug once the two leads come together, but not here. They both loved their son and wanted the best for him. Pretty decent HEA.
NMAT64 Rating
This is an ok story. But they keep saying in the story "Step Brothers" if you had the same father but different mothers, it would be half brothers/siblings. That way it is a blood relative more interested in seeing not a step brother, and since Tess is Steels' daughter and Nick was Nadia son, wouldn't that make them step siblings? Even if Steel and Nadia were divorced. Just wondering.
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