User Reviews For: The Doctor's Bride by Sunrise


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Weeb4Life Rating
It's supposed to be a tense, gripping story about fighting to live and never giving up hope, but I was too distracted by how easily preventable the whole situation was. Maggie goes to rescue kids trapped in a mining cave, but due to a stupid mistake she made she ended up trapped herself in an even more perilous cave. One of the rescue team was being a sexist, elitist jerk and tried to stop the leads from interfering with the mission since they weren't professionals, but he was actually right all along! Honestly, the gender equality message was incredibly ham-fisted and out of place considering the life threatening situation, seriously that was no time for talking about women's capabilities. Adam's marriage was also a case of idiots being idiots, everything he did just made things worse. I should also mention that I HATE it when surprise pregnancy leads to instant marriage, that is NOT what's best for the baby!! This was so stupid!
PeachRenta Rating
This is really good. I got tense reading throughout. my goodness. what I also like was there was an emphasis on gender equality here. and to top it off, the author pointed out that gender and age knows no bounderies when it comes to being courageous and fighting for life.
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