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Mili2ISL Rating
Nice drawing, romantic and light story.
Weeb4Life Rating
Light-hearted, sweet and charming with a nice amount of comedy. The characters are all likeable in their own way, Annie is bubbly and vivacious, she's so adorable and precious and effortlessly charms everyone she meets with her genuine enthusiasm, while Grant is more serious but still kind and noble, willing to go out of his way to help the na誰ve and unlucky Annie. I love how they both learn and change through being together, they both help each other realise their flaws and develop as people, it's not one-sided. Grant's brother isn't left out, he's given some development and a proper, respectful goodbye. There's an OW, but she's not truly a rival, she's an independent, sexy lady who I fully believe would've moved on had Grant been honest with her from the start since, while she's not the nicest person and does as she pleases, once she realises the situation with the leads, she tells Grant to go after Annie and clues him in on how much he's changed. Lovely story with lovely people.
Kayrin91 Rating
I recommend this story. Very light hearted and sweet.
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