User Reviews For: Marriage: To Claim His Twins Needed: The World's Most Eligible Billionaires III


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Salz89 Rating
A sweet heart warming story concluding all three stories
Weeb4Life Rating
Very predictable and cheesy, but so adorable and heartwarming. Ruby and Sander's story went exactly as I predicted, it's your typical 1-N-S/pregnancy/marriage w/o love, with typical misunderstandings, though here it's actually the woman who proposes marriage (out of panic and fear of losing her kids). Ruby's growth was nice to see, her finally gaining confidence in herself and her merit as a person was wonderful. The best part for me, though, was finally learning the full story behind this saga and learning Valerie Raintree's full story in particular. I always love it when people are presented as just that: people, with flaws and real motives. Valerie made mistakes and regrets them deeply, she shows just how painful and devastating love can be, both as a woman and a mother (and a man and a father, obviously). Always love a good redemption story.
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