User Reviews For: His Fragrance and My Scent


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Strick Rating
Interesting, but slow progression...hopefully next chapter will come soon and characters will move along more quickly. 1st chapter peaked my interest but left me feeling disappointed for lack of physical contact beyond sniffing each other, lol, tho emotionally I think they are realizing their feelings for one another has begun to grow.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh my god I want more chapters. Please let there be a continuation, because this is so good. Art is so pretty. The expressions are so easily read on their faces. Love this unique subject matter and how the two leads are such opposites and clash, but just one expression of hers makes him see her in a new light. And then he tries to make his precense known and interrupt any chance of her getting closer to her long time crush. Oh, it's so good.
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