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5.15.2019. Storyline had so much potential. So, so, much. And it ended undeservingly. It leaves you with questions, a lot of them. While artwork's clean, it's made me noticed that maybe the author isn't too keen on doing backgrounds. Many panels were left blank, inked black, or filled with gradient cloudy effects. Perhaps it's the author's style ,*shrugs*, but it kind of makes it, I'm sorry, lame. Story introduced too many side characters that piques your interest but wouldn't delve further, like the fox specter. I felt cheated because Kio was never drawn with his eyes showing aside from those intimate moments. Like, really? 90% of the time, he's drawn in a somewhat chibi state with bangs covering his eyes. Thankful for renting, but bitter that 1000 points went down the wasted drain.
HorseObsessed Rating
I enjoyed the story a lot. The relationship between Fukiko & Anraku & how they met could be explored in another prequel story. Separate stories about the relationship between Roko, Anraku, & Mokuren. One story each on what happened to Roko & Mokuren after this story. What consequences did they accept for Anraku's actions.
Seabun399 Rating
It's been a while since I've read something that's really pulled me in. I'm a sucker for spirit or god stories and this one hit all the notes! It had a graceful and heavy feeling while reading but It was never dull or sad, and it had its fun moments to. The art work was beautiful nice and clean. I loved the way each character was drawn Both human and Spector form. If you love anything supernatural and yaoi then you should give it a try. Can't wait for the next chapter!
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