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Dosdeamor2 Rating
the only reason I didn't give this a full five stars is because I wish the author would have let us see how they progressed after they were properly together. The artwork was beautifully done and I really did love the store not alot of smuck but there was a lot of emotion.
biggestrebel Rating
I... hope theres more? The first 2 were really good, the set up, their feelings, etc! Then....3? Just kinda rushed to the ending, almost like sensei just wanted it to be over and done with. Kinda anticlimactic? Like, were his feelings w his mom ever addressed, etc.I just feel like I'm missing something? They could've been so good, but that end felt really rushedI hope this isnt the end and maybe theres more coming but uhhhh yeahCute w a rushed ending :/
agreeablecynic Rating
well drawn but really empty feeling????
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