User Reviews For: I Can't Tell Anyone I Became a Woman! -Seduced by the Chief and a Co-Worker!?-


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demongal101 Rating
well it sure is an interesting story. looking forward to the next one
This was purely hentai without plot. Sato commented if only he were a woman and bippity-boppity-BOOBs poofs!- he's a woman overnight. Banged his co-worker on first day of gender swap then found himself wanting to and actually banging his boss on the second day. Being a male for 20+ years was forgotten as if he was never one. Sato accepted and adapted to the change like it was no biggie and male Sato was never mentioned again. With that said, story was only three chapters and 24 pages each so of course nothing will develop. 2 stars because art was good, clean, and panels flowed without being crowded. Sucks that love and confession happened so quick. Sex scenes were not steamy at all. Would have loved seeing the fight for Sato to go on longer between Takahashi and Boss. Rent if you're dying-curious but in all honestly, not worth the points.
Nanya Rating
Enjoyable smut, but it's got such a non-ending. Nothing is resolved but a small love conflict and even that isn't well resolved. Even the gender bent aspects are just kinda okay
Gamyuoi789 Rating
Is good to watch nice
ebookrenta03agifj17 Rating
Nice story looking for next one
Weeb4Life Rating
Short and sweet, there's not a whole lot of plot or character development (heck, the chief isn't even given a name, he's just the Chief), but what is there is enough for the story's purposes and it works. It has a good amount of smut and the sex scenes are done well. It's a hot premise that's executed well, and at least Sato is likeable and believable enough.
Rexkingsley Rating
well it sure is an interesting story. looking forward to the next one
grthclg123 Rating
It's okay. Wish it was longer.