User Reviews For: The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride The Ramirez Brides II


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Majala Rating
Scored for the stunning art work of my favourite manga artist rather than the story which is very alpha male
Avocadoread Rating
Filled with the heartwarming storyline. A story of man and woman who are madly in love. The woman found out she pregnant and had her miscarriage, awhile the man was away for month handling inheritance. Sadly to sad, the woman couldn't not bare any kid anymore as she removed her uterus. So the woman lied and told the man how much she has detested him. And the man left her, after years they met again in a charity ball. The man became the most wealthiest on earth. And the same time, the women was looking for a buyer who is willing to savage her bankrupt. However her reputation in the society was bad. Everyone regards this woman who is willing to marry anymore as long the person willing to pay large amount of money to her. As she was married to a man who is in his ninety. In fact, that was her daddy ideas in order to savage their family business. Want to know the remaining story? Purchase this book and you will definitely love it
Mitsuha Rating
This manga almost made me cry! (During the part at the end between Christina's best friend and Anton)The true love that Anton shared with Christina was so pure, just a man falling in love at first sight with a woman. All the bad things that Christina has to go through for her love is so sad, but the ending makes up for it (her best friend in my opinion was the best part). I can't decide weather Anton's father is truly bad or good, the first book in this series makes him seem like a truly bad person, but this one shows that he was looking out for Christina and his son. Overall, such a good read! I definitely recommend this one, 100% worth the money (also, it is not often you see a dark haired, dark eyed (I think) female character, normally it's only blond hair and blue eyes, not that I have anything against that, but a change is refreshing and tells people that beauty is not subject to features, although Christina is very beautiful).
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