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HorseObsessed Rating
?I Love(d) all three of the books in this series. I purchased all three before the second two were removed from this site. It's unfortunate the other two were removed. Volumes/Chapters in a series should be kept together when possible. Now the story feels a bit incomplete, with so many colorful side characters, the premise & the afterword tells you there are other volumes. But now you can't reach them from here, it's a shame.?
funbrillo Rating
I might be a little generous with a 4 star rating. It is good as a rental and I would not re-read. It isn't anything really special. I have read better series about voice actors but it is a fun read as a rental. There is no cheating and the drama is more about lack of communication and not realizing their feelings right away (at least for the uke). The uke also does that annoying thing where they ignore or don't answer texts or calls to drive some drama. The friend Ryuichi I found more enjoyable than the main couple. Very low on smut so don't read it for that.
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