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Weeb4Life Rating
One of the most delightful stories on here! The characters are all so wonderful and likable (seriously, not a bad apple in sight), the tone never gets to cringy levels of angst or drama, and the ending left me with a smile and warm, fuzzy feelings. Anna sees Dan drowning his grief from losing his beloved mother and can't help but want to comfort him, which leads to a no-strings-attached one night stand. After she finds out she's pregnant, Anna tries to contact Dan but is met by terrible rumours of him being a heartless, ruthless businessman (he had his reasons though) so she hesitates to involve such a terrifying guy in her child's life, then he disappears entirely (he changed his name). Years later Dan reappears in her life as an investor in the hotel where she works and they get to reconnect. I love how nicely and respectfully Dan treats Anna, he doesn't ever try to put her down and genuinely wants to do right by her and their (adorable, sassy, bossy) daughter and she appreciates it.
Salz89 Rating
It's a heart warming story. I loved it and the mc when you see him he might appear to be arrogant but he is a man with big love and devotion. I liked how the story developed from the beginning till the end.
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