User Reviews For: My Lovestruck Sister Is Scaring Me


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akazukin Rating
Not what I expected - it is like the title states... but entirely more bitter and sad. ;;; ///SPOILERS/// they are indeed real siblings, but it is one-sided since they ARE real siblings. So although they do not cross the line in the end...technically - the twist of how the sister gets what she asked for is ;;; ah yeah. Do not recommend personally for something to read for a lovestory+happy+sexy steamy times unless you're just looking for something on the sad side.
LuckiWish Rating
Ehhh. Waste of money. Nothing happened. I thought they would "do it" or have some drama but none of that happen. The ending was exactly what other reviews mention, the ending just leaves you saying, "eh? That's it?" Just nothing.
YokaiAkito Rating
This story is so great! It's short and bittersweet, but don't let that drive you away! The characters are well developed, and the art style is wonderful. Please check this story out!
Pinkbun17 Rating
Not sweet in the least.