User Reviews For: The Bartender and the Brokenhearted Boy -Enjoy a Sweet Cocktail Tonight-


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Series may be short but it tickled my heart, gave me butterflies, made me jealous, and gave me happiness. Hmm, how do I as this, characters were nothing fancy, just simple designs, yet I was ATTRACTED to them. I enjoyed the simple panel layout, and to me, it gave an impression of allowing us to focus a little bit more on each scene (if that makes sense at all). Kengo is a beast underneath that cool face- and a total sweetheart, and quite possessive, but Aoi is loving all that attention. Love the manager's and a regular customer's small appearances- keeps the story humorous. A light read that's not dramatic and stayed true to its title. Spoiler: Kengo leaning over and smoothly saying he'll take responsibility looked so damn hot. Damn him. My god, YES, Aoi, he's trying to kill us. We're both in trouble. Please calm down your sexiness, Kengo.
MissMaus Rating
A broken hearted young man finds his first real love of his life by accident... And then literally makes a mess of things. But there's no where to go but up after you've puked in front of (and on) someone, right? I'm thoroughly enjoying the story.
ayawut Rating
short but nice
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