User Reviews For: Does It Feel Too Good to Speak? -My Secret Lover's Indulgent Lessons-


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Zerolr Rating
I love this couple they are so loving and cute. Very addictive read!
danyels Rating
I love this. Definitely one of my faves on this site. It's well written, you can tell the author really thought the plot thoroughly. The secret lovers at work concept isn't new but it was executed here well. The main characters have a strong relationship which can't be easily ruined, sure there were conflicts but they weren't dragged on, no shallow drama. I love how both of them are responsible adults and the love isn't based on superficial things. The relationship is healthy, guy really cares for the girl and she loves him so much as well. The pacing is good too, I love that the author provided background on the couple's past. And it didn't fall flat on the steamy scenes too (seriously super satisfying! guy teases all the time but the female character is always into it which was refreshing unlike the typical shy characters in other manga). Overall, a great read. Pretty art, adorable characters, nice plot. I had to re-read the next day right away lmao that just how i much i love this
Annamabee Rating
Honestly I don't know why there's only two reviews written on this series? The art style is so cute and charming, the relationship between these two is very sweet and long term, and the intimate scenes always make my heart skip a beat! For such a cheap price for this, i'm surprised more people aren't reading. I highly recommend this series!!
tangerinemangerine Rating
One of my favourite series! Love that the characters do have some dimensions and there are a lot of streamy sensual scenes!
Dude Rating
There's so much love in this! Their love is so touching and cute.
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