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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Their first meeting is something she doesn't recall at all, so when she sees him for what she thinks is the first time it's not a good first impression at all. He's in bed with her new model! Yikes! Anyway she doesn't date at all or do romance, she's all business and being a kick@$$ adult. But he finally found his first love again and isn't giving up. At all. If only he had said that in the beginning, silly boy. There's a lot of push and pull here. She is so reluctant to fall in love with a younger guy. But he's so sweet and genuine that she can't resist him. It's a sweet story that starts off very rocky. But we see how he is just a young man who has been trying to move on from his first love and not being able too. And now that she is back in his life, he won't let anything happen to get in their way. I like it when the man is the pursuer. Good story with a good HEA.
Weeb4Life Rating
The h is quite the fierce man-hater and doesn't hide it! After the veritable ocean of "woman-hating men" I've waded through in manga, having the tables turned so thoroughly is a breath of fresh air, especially since she actually commits to it. Most other manga have the h giving lip service to their dislike of men but becoming putty in the hands of the first man to show them any interest, but not this h. The H has to gain her trust first, by proving himself to her through their work (the only thing she respects), before she even starts letting him in, and even after they get together she doesn't suddenly change who she is, she just eases up her attitude with him (a bit...). The H is surprisingly business savvy yet utterly adorable in regards to his love for the H. He's like a puppy after a bone and refuses to give up on her, not matter what she says or does. Light on spice but heavy on plot, characters and laughs, this is a great read for a good price.
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