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Zekuu Rating
For a three chapter story, the first story, "Better Pay Back Your Debt Soon" makes this well worth the price. Koya and Aoi are great characters. Quiet Aoi has a bit of sass to her which is adorable to see. Koya is a great leading man whose brusque, sometimes childish, manner hides a real kindness and of course, a deeply passionate side. Aoi sparks his interest and it goes off like a powder keg from there. The story develops quickly, but I think the pacing goes well with the plot development. I would have loved to see more interactions between Koya and Sasaki. Honorable in their own right and both care for Aoi which brings out Koya's jealous side in humorous, passionate and sweet ways. The story is re-readable and I still chuckle at all the humorous points. The art is well-drawn, clean and easy to follow - I'd love to see more from this author if she can keep the quality consistent with what she's done with this first story.The second and third stories are related to each other, but both are fairly flat. I didn't particularly care much for either of the characters. They were extreme examples for female archetypes. The tomboy, rough and tumble girl who wanted to be girly while the other was the soft, frilly girl who wanted to be more aggressive. The art is a little less polished here - hinting these might be earlier efforts by this mangaka and included to fill out the rest of this volume. Perhaps if the stories had the opportunity to develop the characters, I might have liked them more, but I can easily skip them each time I re-read the first story.
HorseObsessed Rating
?I love the first story.? The second one was so funny I really like it.? And the third one was so quirky, another one I really like.?This entire book is great.?
Ultkingmin Rating
Sweet with a hit of sensuality. A very nice read.
sh660624 Rating
Good art, the stories are goo, too! Like the first story most.
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