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Weeb4Life Rating
The two leads are so cute together and work so well off each other! They're complete opposites (the guy is carefree and doesn't take anything seriously, while the girl is very serious, tough and straight-laced), so every one of their interactions is hilarious, especially at the start when Christine doesn't like Jake, who constantly teases her (like a little boy picking on the girl he fancies). It's really sweet how each helps the other to be a bit more like them, so that both can grow to be better, happier people, it just shows how well they complement each other. Also, the guy's proposal has to be the funniest and most adorable one I've read so far!
Majala Rating
I loved this ... not the usual billionaire/unexpected pregnancy combination - sweet and sexy at the same time! Rooting for both characters to grow and fall in love.
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