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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was so cute! The female lead is definitely her own person. She knows who she is and does what she loves, who needs a man? Not her. And for ten years she's been doing her thing until she meets the arrogant tennis player. I liked how she had this incredibly strong sense of smell and could smell his scent and was completely taken with it and he vice versa. Loved that all of her research didn't prepare her for what he made her feel. Guess she was researching with the wrong guy all those years ago. I really like this second chances series, each story is really endearing, but I really wish there was more to their HEA. We get some closure, I just wanted more that's all.
Weeb4Life Rating
Hilarious and surprisingly touching! Misami is adorably obsessed with bacteria, she even goes on a bacteria-related rant during sex! And it actually turns out to be plot relevant! Isana is arrogant and determined enough to drag Misami kicking and screaming out of a life of science and solitude and into a loving relationship. And should he ever get too cocky, you can trust Misami to be there to lecture him about bacteria for another three hours. So yeah, these two are perfect for each other.
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