User Reviews For: First Time with the Boy Next-Door


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Too freakin cute! These two are so adorable and sweet and slightly clumsy, just adds to the sweetness factor. Loved how they were childhood friends and well obviously grew so much closer once they moved away to go to the same college. They went at their own pace. Also, I love stories of firsts, like first crush/love, first relationship, first kiss, just all the firsts. It's so sweet. And it really doesn't happen like that all that often in the real world. But I think these two are gonna make it, lol!!!
ebookrenta0c75sg96k Rating
It's a cute but really wholesome story! The main characters are also likeable and the overall focus isn't in sex but more in the evolution of their relationship.
iuliathe3rd Rating
This manga is a fairly cute little "childhood friends becoming lovers" story, but reading through there's not a lot of depth. We don't really get to understand them as individuals and as a couple very well. We know Chisato likes games, sure. But we don't get to see them in their daily lives, like, at all. Chapter 3 is the best in terms of showing some of this, but I would've liked more.By no means is this manga bad. It's cute enough, it's good. If possible, I'd give it 3.5 stars.
Muikale Rating
Very worth the money. 10/10. Cute story and art and isn't afraid of a difficult social problem.
HorseObsessed Rating
??So sweet, so cute?? This is a fun read.
ebookrenta0dsd1i43g Rating
I love it.....i love itI always love, love story between childhood friend