User Reviews For: Bee-Sting Babe and the Gorgeous Guy


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Aarrs Rating
Love this manga's art and story line! I made an account for this site just for this series.
Sesshy36 Rating
It is definitely cute but rushed in the 1st chapter. And that cliffhanger in this last chapter!
ebbtastic92 Rating
Oh my god! Such a good online comic comma I'll have to see if I'm able to buy it hard copy. I only read the first vol but oh my god I'm in love already! It is so cute and such a turn on at the same time lol. Love this story so far
MetalCharizard Rating
A cute story about a tomboyish girl and a feminine guy. The characters are relatable and have believable personalities.
Pirin Rating
I love neco's artwork! Iori is so damn cuute, I'm melting. Her Love has a very sexy body and he's cool. I just don't like his haircut.The story is charming, relatable, has sexy and romantic moments that make your heart thump. absolutely enjoyed the read.chippai in the original title means tiny b??bs btw. (from chiisai oppai), i like chippais... ? she shouldn't be so insecure about her body, she's such a cuty
MoonJ90 Rating
A very cute story with a good amount of character developments. A must read.
Mangareader Rating
I realize the title talks about the chest but Iori does focus on her dissatisfaction with her chest a little too much at times. That being said the characters are beautifully drawn and as a small chested woman this story feels relatable when so many other manga are pumping watermelons on unrealistic bodies. I like the dynamic characters and the development over time - great story and I can't wait for more. (I do hope the love triangle thing goes away though - just a personal peeve of mine)
MadamMint Rating
The story is pretty good and the art is beautiful, with some nice silly moments. The female main character struggles with femininity and it is nice to see her growing more comfortable with herself and overcoming her body complex. My only two complaints are that the story tends to kinda skip from time-to-time, a little too fast paced in some areas, or things are too sudden too soon. My other complaint is that although the female character has a complex, she eventually moves on and grows more confident with herself. So I grow tired with the smut scenes focusing heavily on her breasts. But all-in-all if is a nice story.
Evasense Rating
Interesting read will continue reading. Like the heroine character she's adorable
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Beautiful story with a great message. This really sucks you in and you care about the characters. Everyone can relate to having a body hang up and being self conscious or not feeling good enough. The art is great and the sex scenes were super hot and romantic. This has everything you could ever want.
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