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Cute heroine, first chapter is a bit odd, but I'm hoping the story will pick up.
Art is nice, but the story is lacking. It's very one dimensional, character feel flat, the steamy scene falls short. There is no chemistry anywhere, felt disappointed.
This is amazing!!! Please continue it regularly! I've fallen in love with this manga, I've cried, laughed, it's amazing!
This one is not worth the $5 you have to pay for it. Most of the male characters in these stories, are self centered and sometimes just plain mean. Most of the women weak and way too meek, they have no real personalities. The romance scenes were not that steamy, they were sort of bland and unexciting. If I could, I would ask for a partial refund.
It's such a cute story. It gets steamy pretty fast, the story line is super enjoyable, both characters are beautiful, she's shy and gullible, and he's super handsome. I'll keep on reading every chapter that comes out!
Interesting story. I like this author, have read other works by her. Amorous Devil is still by far my favorite, but this one is not bad at all. Enjoyed the art, the story is catchy, sweet and of corse spicy. Recommend.
Cute, but super short. Still a rather sweet story with an interesting concept.
Super promising, captured my interest right away. Cannot wait for more chapters.
Adorable, funny, and super hot. Will buy all chapters. Recommend!
This manga is amazing. The story is super cute and steamy. Worth the wait between chapters.
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