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Mrsmangame123 Rating
One of my all time favorite guilty pleasures is a good love triangle and it doesn't get any better than a taboo one. What's more taboo than being in love with your (step) sibling? Then add in a cute and clueless classmate, oh it is on!!!! The girl seems to be hiding something from her step brother, so they unfortunately aren't very close or friendly towards one another. I think that's probably why Maki is going to be very important in the siblings relationship as well, jealousy is a good motivator. The art is cute, the storyline is dark and I can't wait to read more!!!! So far I am loving this series.
080822gv Rating
Can't wait to read more of it!
Phoenix7 Rating
I love the art! The story seems like it will be very interesting.
anhbui Rating
I personally enjoy this manga a lot. It's one of the best so far. The plot is awesome though it's a little bit slow (I wish to see more of the main couple). 10 chapters have been released and the progress of becoming couple of the MC still hasn't come yet. I'm urged to see more and more. Thank you for your hardwork. Please keep going!!!
chouchou Rating
very pretty art. surprisingly, there's not that many steamy parts to this title, it's quite heavy on the story. it's a love triangle I can get behind too. :-) best of luck to the heroine!!
Simmulator2 Rating
This is wonderful! I can't wait for more!
Otometrash Rating
I really love this series, the art is amazing and the story is fun and enjoyable to read. Though the story containing a love triangle and relationships with step-siblings, isn't anything new or special in the general of TL/Love manga, this series manage to make it very enjoyable that you have to know what happens next. I cant wait till there are more chapters.
SKS142325 Rating
I love the characters and the story line, it's amazing!!!
zainy123 Rating
I love everything about this! I can't wait to read more <3
Lemonpotato Rating
This is a good one! I absolutely love it and look forward to reading more!
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