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beautiful art. super sweet and surprisingly wholesome so far. worth checking out!
the ML's looks are mellow, but he's definitely not a mellow person lol. he tries to do the deed with FL when she is asleep due to the latter consuming alcohol. I know consensual sex is unfortunately common in smutty/mature romance manga, but I hate how much ML gets away with it here. the art is nice though, and I like how cool-faced and relatable FL is. all in all, this is not my cup of tea, but it is otherwise well drawn and interestingly written, with a great translation provided by the localization team here.
okay, I initially passed over this due to the rather generic cover and premise... but I completely didn't register the part of the title saying that the male lead himself is a former comic artist!! that's a rare device in Love manga. this manga has skyrocketed in my rankings. the writing, the plot, characterization, art.... very hot with some unexpectedly stirring heartache and emotion. kind of funny too, and the drama doesn't overstay its welcome. it uses a lot of common plot devices in Love manga but executes them convincingly. I was actually feeling for the two of them when Nana (MC) was wrestling with her insecurities + Minato is basically what I would dream of in a guy lol. honest, sweet, and complex! every love manga enthusiast needs to read this, it's well paced and sincere while being very hot, of course!
such lovely art and writing...! the male lead is genuinely a good person who is honest and thoughtful of the female lead. he's also quite emotionally vulnerable and courageous compared to other male leads in the genre, it's really sweet and touching. a rare love manga where there's believable emotional intimacy as well as physical. must read!
okay there are only two chapters out, but I sincerely love this series so far. the art is great, and it's refreshing to see an FL who is so confident and capable at her work... except when it comes to this guy, lmao. fun, steamy, and surprisingly sweet. would highly recommend.
so sweet, cute, and most of all, wholesome with some spicy moments. I think the male lead's cultural sensitivity and gentleness are so wonderful in a genre where consent seems to be mostly implied or blatantly ignored... I can feel how emotionally safe the female lead is in her new relationship, and that's so rare to see. their relationship is so healthy in that sense. adorable characters and lovely art. would wholeheartedly recommend. ??
both leads are so hot and cool... who treat their individual complexes with sensitivity and a bit of hilarity. like, they don't take themselves so seriously but they are honest about those complexes with each other, all within the first chapter. female lead is refreshingly blunt and forward while the male lead is charismatic and also a little more on the passive side lmao. kinda balanced personalities. hetero love manga really needs a series like this, and I'm loving it.
super hot and unique. art is lush and intricate. the romance and intimacy are almost too much for a typical shoujo, I would classify this as a Love manga instead. otherwise, I wholeheartedly recommend this!
so hot. the female lead is gorgeous and lovely while the male lead is very sweet and handsome. doesn't feel skeevy. the desire between them is steamy and beautiful. big fan.
love the art and plot so far. am very excited for more ??