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super hot and unique. art is lush and intricate. the romance and intimacy are almost too much for a typical shoujo, I would classify this as a Love manga instead. otherwise, I wholeheartedly recommend this!
so hot. the female lead is gorgeous and lovely while the male lead is very sweet and handsome. doesn't feel skeevy. the desire between them is steamy and beautiful. big fan.
love the art and plot so far. am very excited for more ??
this is incredibly sweet. the design for the heroine feels unique and inspired - pure, sweet, youthful, and beautifully hopeful. you can't help but wonder what happened to leading male to make him so jaded and out of touch with his muse. this story is light, whimsical, and a touch sad and sexy. it all blends together quite well to make a unique story. I'm not usually into stories where there's a considerable age gap, but this storyline is sweet and compelling.
This series is incredibly underrated. Probably one of my top favorites on this website. The storyline is genuinely interesting, and the main couple is loving, supportive, very kind, wise, and silly. All of the characters, even the side ones, are relatable and well written. I found myself getting a bit emotional, actually, during one of the subplots. The serious moments, sexy moments, and the (unexpectedly) silly moments are all well handled. I'm very impressed! The art may not be as stylish or beautiful as some of the popular titles on here, but this has one of the most solid writing I've seen in this site. This is a sexy, /sweet/, and wholesome series. Would highly recommend!
Beautiful art. The cheating/affair has an intriguing reason behind it, and the main male lead is funny, thoughtful, and sweet. It's a detective drama story with some good smut&romance. Very well balanced. Highly recommend!
First of all, the coloring of the cover art is GORGEOUS. Truly a wonderful digital painting. Art inside is also very nice. Guy is hot but is frankly very greedy to our sweet, innocent Chizuru. I'll still read because of the interesting premise, but I hope main guy realizes just how good he has it with her!! lol
not a fan. main guy is just too dweeby for me
I actually really enjoyed this. Not nearly as cliched as this seemed at first glance. Sweet, steamy, and surprisingly heartfelt.
nice art and fashion by heroine. very steamy. good value for the buck. story and emotional connection is decent. just not my personal taste.
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