User Reviews For: Go, Commando Detective! -Sir, My Crotch Is Suspicious!!-


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theakaneko Rating
Wishing it was a bit longer so their relationship could get some development but enjoyed the premise and got a bundle of laughs from how klutzy our MC was. It is a fun read.
hweianimeme Rating
Funny, cute and so, so dumb. Also smutty as. This oneshot made me grin (a lot) and cringe (just a little), it's the stupid uke type with the angry dominant seme type- if it had been a longer story I would have been annoyed at how quick the seme seems to suddenly be into the uke but since it's a oneshot I get why the transition has been brushed over to the point of nonexistence in favor of smut. Overall I recommend it as a quick read but not really one to permanently buy 4.5/5
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