User Reviews For: A Ring to Secure His Heir


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Majala Rating
The sweetest story and so much better than other 2-dimensional romances ... the "hero" follows the same format as many others but the heroine is having no part of it. A happily ever after with more than a touch of good humour.
AnimeFan95 Rating
This was a sweet and cute manga. It was so adorable how both of them fell in love with each other at the same time. Out of all the HQ mangas, he was one of the few male leads that didn't regret sleeping with the female lead, even though he knew who she was.
Hatta Rating
I really liked it overall! The start was great and hooked me incredibly well. The ending seemed to fall apart some in terms of how much it had a book on me, but I'd definitely read this again.
fluffykitty Rating
This was a classic Cinderella style story, but I loved it all the same! 10/10 would buy again.
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