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This is such a beautiful story. This is one of those love stories that you can repeatedly read, and it not get old.
I honestly bought this because the story seemed okay, I was hooked on the art alone. The art is so beautiful, and the story is actually pretty decent. I found myself genuinely wanting to watch their relationship unfold. I don't regret my purchase, and recommend you buy the first chapter to try it out.
Great art and great story. Hot love scenes too
Super sweet! This manga has a way of ripping your heart out and then patching it right back up.
This was a classic Cinderella style story, but I loved it all the same! 10/10 would buy again.
It was a cute story. It had sweet moments and it had its sad moments. It did feel a tad bit cliche, but that's part of the charm lol. The art styles are beautiful. 10/10 would buy again.
This story is really good, better than I thought it would be.
This was worth the buy. Very nice read.
I loved the art, and the story was actually pretty cute. It did feel a little cliche in parts, though.
My favorite story on this site. I love how both of the protagonists experience personal growth. I recommend this story.
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