User Reviews For: The Flaw in His Diamond


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fluffykitty Rating
It was a cute story. It had sweet moments and it had its sad moments. It did feel a tad bit cliche, but that's part of the charm lol. The art styles are beautiful. 10/10 would buy again.
Nmtgirl Rating
I couldn't understand any of the character motivations the entire story. I can't tell if the translation is bad or if the story is just rushed... it honestly might be both. I never figured out what was actually going on with the mining project, just that he wasn't doing some eco-theory project and then it seemed like she thought he betrayed her but then he announced the start of the eco-project and she went home as if some huge blowout had happened between them. Every decision made no sense and none of the drama was thrilling because I had to keep turning back and rereading to try to understand why they were upset at each other.. Art was beautiful at least.
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