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Weeb4Life Rating
If you like The Throw-Away Bride then you'll love this sequel starring Abby's sister Anna/Rebecca and Leo's brother Connor (you'll also be able to guess most of the plot). Both leads click almost instantly and rush into marriage before Connor has had the chance to explain the truth to Anna about why he's been looking for her and about her extremely complicated background. And considering Anna's traumatic past and her stalker ex, she's developed the habit of running away at the first sign of trouble. Both leads hurt each other unintentionally quite a lot, but it's always understandable and they do learn from their mistakes and grow as people (and suffer the consequences of their actions, yay for karma). I like how neither party is solely to blame for their problems and they both acknowledge their faults, I really love good character development. It's also great to finally see Abby reunited with her sister. I loved both stories and would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Crabit Rating
Nice story !!
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